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We offer the acrow props you need if you’re looking to purchase them in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, or Perth. Shorehire offers a selection of Acrow props for sale in Sydney. Acrow props from shorehire are produced using premium raw materials before being hot-dipped galvanised at the end of the manufacturing process. Prior to the Prop being hot dipped, all welding and threading operations are finished, ensuring total environmental protection for all exposed surfaces. The inner and outer tubes, base and head plates, and threads are all fully galvanised. Instead of spraying cheaper, faster zinc onto welding joints and threads, we use this method, which enables us to guarantee a product that won’t rust and requires less upkeep than our rivals’ products. We have a variety of acrow props for sale Sydney on hand in our warehouse locations if you need acrow props for sale in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, or Perth in time for your next development. 


It might not be accurate to argue that mobile concrete barriers are “better” than barriers filled with water. They each have distinct functions, but we still maintain that water-filled barriers are much more adaptable than solid ones. Look no further if you’re seeking for an effective alternative to concrete barriers. Here are reasons. 

The visibility 

It is possible to paint concrete barriers to make them more apparent, however this paint will peel off, get damaged during movement, and become dull with time. A water filled barrier, on the other hand, provides higher visibility because of its plastic body, which may be painted a variety of vivid colours, especially safety orange. Because of this, a water-filled barrier continues to provide better visibility and, hence, better caution than a typical concrete barrier. 


Water-filled barriers easily defeat solid barriers in the crucial area of customization. Stencilling is a very common method for including your company name and information on any barrier. For quick turnaround times on custom stencilled barriers, shorehire provides in-house stencilling services. Concrete barriers can also be visually customised, but it’s more difficult.  


One of the more unexpected points is this. Yes, water-filled barriers are as resilient as solid ones. We are not suggesting that concrete isn’t durable in any way. A concrete barrier will last for a very long time under ideal conditions. The optimal scenario, though, is one in which you can set it and forget it. A high-density water-filled barrier that is impermeable to handling and adverse external weather can last for years.  


There are numerous meanings for the word “cost-effectiveness.” So let’s dissect this as well. When compared to concrete barriers, the price of water-filled barriers can be almost half as expensive per linear foot. The concrete barrier is, however, prepared for usage when purchased, so let’s be fair. Water must be added to water-filled barriers before usage.  Due to the material’s hollow body design, its usage in a water-filled barrier is therefore still limited. Concrete barriers can simply be replaced with water-filled alternatives without having to worry about expenses skyrocketing.